M L120 USB

L120 Enclosed Logger with USB

The MoTeC L120 is a cost effective solution serving as a multi purpose solution with internal and USB logging already enabled - acting as a D Series Display Controller, as well as a CAN bus bridge. Additionally, these units have the ability to be upgraded with features such as a being used as a T2 Telemetry Box, or the ability to have logging with or without an input/output option. By fully upgrading the L120, the end user will have a powerful lightweight system allowing 120MB of logging on both CAN and RS232 channels, with wired inputs and display control.

D Series Display Controller
As a standard, the L120 is used as a controller for the MoTeC D Series Color Displays. The L120 can forward all required channels for the driver to the D153 or D175 display, including lap timing, CAN/RS232 channels and much more.

CAN Bus Bridge
As standard, both L120 variants (with or without USB logging enabled) can be used to transfer messages from one CAN bus to another, which is especially useful when the two CAN buses are incompatible (such as different bus speeds) and information needs to be shared between them.

T2 Telemetry Box (Requires optional T2 Telemetry upgrade)
With the T2 Telemetry option enabled, the L120 can be used as a Telemetry box that receives information from other CAN devices, such as ECUs and Display Loggers. Converting this data to a T2 Telemetry stream, and transmitting it via radio to the corresponding T2 system in the pits makes this a powerful and particularly useful feature, especially if there is no MoTeC Color Display in the vehicle to perform this task.

CAN and RS232 Logger (Requires optional 120MB Logging upgrade)
The L120 can be a user friendly logging solution, placed anywhere in the vehicle allowing the L120 to log channels from both L120 CAN buses and RS232 bus.
Fully Featured Logger (Requires optional upgrades I/O Enable and 120MB Logging)
By adding the Input/Output (I/O) upgrade along with the Logging upgrade, the L120 Enclosed Loggers can log data from any CAN and RS232 bus, as well as incoming data from inputs wired directly to the box making the L120 a dynamic logger and a cost effective price point.


Logging - Standard for L120 Enclosed Logger USB (Part #L120 USB)

• 120 MB logging memory with fast Ethernet download

• USB Logging to a removable storage device

Panel mount USB lead supplied

• Removable USB Data Storage options:

MoTeC 32 GB Data Plug, or

32 GB USB Flash Drive, or

User-supplied USB storage device

• Logging rates up to 500 samples per second

• Includes i2 Standard data analysis software (Pro Analysis upgrade available)


• 2 Digital and 3 Speed inputs

Inputs - Optional (requires I/O upgrade)

• 6 analog voltage inputs

4 x 0 to 5.46 V, 1.33 mV resolution

2 x 0 to 15.0 V, 3.66 mV resolution

• 2 analog temperature inputs

0 to 15 V, 3.66 mV resolution

Outputs - Optional (requires I/O upgrade)

• 4 low side outputs PWM or switched operation

• 0.5 Amp max, current limited and thermal overload protected


• Compatible with E816 and E888 expanders (providing full functional use)

Internal Sensors

• 3-axis accelerometer, detection range: +/-5G

• Temperature sensor

• Sensor supply voltage

• Battery voltage


• 2 configurable CAN buses, with individually programmable CAN bus speeds.

One can be used as RS232 Receive.

• 2 x RS232 ports

One with transmit and receive

One with receive only

Power supply

• Operating voltage: 6 to 32 V DC

• Operating current: 0.4 A typical at 14 V (excluding sensor currents)

• Reverse battery protection

• Battery transient protection

Sensor supply currents

• 5 V sensor supply: 0.25 A maximum

• 8 V sensor supply: 0.25 A maximum

Operating temperature

• Internal: -20 °C to 80 °C

• Typical ambient temperature range in free air: -20 °C to 65 °C


• Size: 134.5 x 103.9 x 20.2 mm excluding connector and tab

• Weight 310 g

• 1 x 34 pin waterproof connector

• 1 x mini USB3 port (type B) - L120 Enclosed Logger USB only (Part #L120 USB)

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