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M D175

D175 5" Color Display

  • Compatibility

    The D175 Color Display is designed to work with MoTeC Data Loggers:

    • ACL Advanced Central Logger

    • EDL3 Enclosed Advanced Dash Logger

    • ESDL3 Enclosed Sport Dash Logger

    • ADL3 Advanced Dash Logger

    • SDL3 Sport Dash Logger

    • CDL3 Club Dash Logger

    • Previous Dash Logger models

    The D175 will also has free access to MoTeC's Display Creator software.

    The D175 is part of MoTeC's new D1 series of color displays designed for use with MoTeC data loggers. Featuring a 5 inch high resolution LCD screen, 10 programmable, full color LED lights and an Autosport connector, it is ideal for dash mounting. Exceptional brightness and clarity make it easy to read in direct sunlight.

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