ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

One of the key elements to the Bosch ABS M5 Kits, the Bosch wheel speed sensors transmit the wheel speed to the car's ECU which then determines how much pressure the ABS should apply. 

These ABS wheel speed sensors are designed to work directly with the following kits:
Bosch ABS M5 Kit 1/Kit 2
Bosch ABS M5 Kit - Clubsport
Bosch ABS M5 Kit - Porsche Cup

Not only did Bosch invent the Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) – the technology that improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting / reducing loss of traction – but it also was the first company to fit Anti-locking Braking Systems (ABS) into mass production.The ABS applies brake fluid that engages the brake calipers and pads, which slows a car without locking up the tires.

NOTE: The ABS wheel speed sensors from Bosch are sold individually.

Bosch Part # 0265.008.022