ABS M5 Kit Porsche Cup

  • Picture shows 991 Cup Kit

    • Plug & Play ABS M5 Kit for Porsche 997 Cup and 991.1 and 991.2 Cup

    • Tested and developed on racetracks like Spa and Nordschleife

    • Detailed installation instruction available at our website

    • 1 MBaud CAN

  • The ABS M5 Kit Porsche Cup is a derivative of the successful ABS M5 kit and specifically designed for Porsche 997 Cup and 991 Cup. A vehicle specific wiring harness is included in the kit. Individual car parameters like e.g. vehicle weight, vehicle track, wheel weights, wheel circumferences, wheel base or number of increments can be calibrated with software free of charge. 

  • Porsche Kits Include Circuit Breaker Kits as standard, but require custom hard lines to go between the master cylinder and the ABS module. Theses parts must be supplied by the end user and are not supplied in the kit

    • All Bosch Motorsport ABS systems are for competition use only and are NOT legal on public roads.

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  • Documents

    Title Type
    🗎 Porsche M5 ABS Data Sheet PDF
    🗎 Operation Guide PDF
    🗎 ABS M5 CAD Files ZIP File
  • Software

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    🗎ABS M4&M5 Software RaceABS ZIP
    🗎 DBC file for ABS M5 (V19) ZIP