Bosch MSA-Box II Diagnostic Cable

  • The MSA-Box II (also known as the MSA 2 Diagnostic Cable, or more commonly at the track "that damn ABS cable!") from Bosch Motorsport, is the budget minded communication interface designed for PC-supported calibration and configuration on Ethernet, K-Line or CAN interface of an ECU. Coupled to the end user's PC via a USB interface, this provides a both powerful and universal link to all common PC systems. This allows communication and calibration for Bosch products such as the  Bosch ABS M5 kit as well as other products like PDM's, Dash boards and ECU's.

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    Bosch Motorsport Part Number: F02U V00 327-03

  • Documents

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    🗎 Datasheet PDF
    🗎 Installation Guide PDF
    🗎 Release Notes PDF
  • Software

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    🗎 MSA-Box Driver LX V2.03 (read Manual before bootloader update) ZIP