Shift Light Module (SLM)

The Shift Light Module (SLM) from MoTeC can be used multiple ways as either a shift light system, warning lights or other forms of indication as programmed by the end user.

The SLM is a bright indicator light system, featuring eight multi-color LED's designed in a compact housing. The shift light modules are an extremely flexible output device as the color, brightness intensity, and purpose of each LED can be controlled and customized independently.

A specific set of patterns can be defined using various color combinations and flashing modes which can indicate information such as: stop immediately, continue with caution, pit lane speed limiter active and of course, up-shift, down-shift and a litany of others. Additionally, the system can be programmed in a specific order so that, for example, a warning light can take priority and override a shift light.

The SLM can be configured and controlled be either using a MoTeC ECU, display or data logger (see compatibility below). Compatible MoTeC devices have special programming functions for the SLM, and the module is connected via CAN which eliminates the need to use auxiliary outputs.

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• 8 full-color RGB LEDs

• Connected via CAN

Compatible with:
• SDL3
• ADL3
• ACL (software version V1.10F2 and later)
• M400, M600, M800, M880 (software version V3.41G and later), M84

• Dimensions - 81.2mm x 19mm x 16mm

• Flying lead with DTM04-4P connector