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M L180

L180 USB Enclosed Logger

  • The L180 Enclosed Logger is a powerful control device and fully programmable data logger all in one compact unit. It comes standard with 250 MB internal memory and can be upgraded to USB Logging for additional data capacity and flexibility. The USB Logging upgrade also increases the internal memory to 500 MB.

    The L180 acquires data from other devices, such as an ECU, for logging telemetry. It can be used in a wide range of applications as a standalone logger or integrated with other electronic devices such as displays and PDMs.


    • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine, and industrial applications

    • Optional USB logging (includes 500 MB internal logging)

    • Supports T2 Telemetry (optional)

    • Supports Wideband Lambda from MoTeC PLMs or LTCs

    • GPS Lap Timing

    • Tell Tales

    • Diagnostic Logging

    • Preserved Channels

    • Running Min/Max, timers, PID Control, Engine Log

    • Easily integrates with MoTeC CAN-based devices, such as ECUs and expanders



    • 250 MB internal logging memory

    • Optional USB logging to removable storage device

    Includes upgrade to 500 MB internal memory

    • Logging rates up to 1000 samples per second

    • i2 Standard data analysis software included (Pro Analysis upgrade available)

    Removable USB Storage Device Options

    • Kingston 32 GB USB3 Flash Drive

    • MoTeC 32 GB USB3 Data Plug

    • Alternative USB storage devices may be used but are no recommended.


    • 10 analog voltage inputs (20 with I/O upgrade)

    4 x 0 to 5.46 V, 1.33 mV resolution (8 with I/O upgrade)

    6 x 0 to 15.0 V, 3.66 mV resolution (12 with I/O upgrade)

    • 4 analog temperature inputs (8 with I/O upgrade)

    0 to 15 V, 3.66 mV resolution

    • 4 Digital inputs

    • 2 Switch inputs

    • 4 Speed inputs

    • 3 Composite video inputs


    • 6 low side outputs PWM or switched operation

    • 1.0 Amp max, current limited and thermal overload protected


    • Fully compatible with E816, E888, VIM, and SVIM Expanders

    Internal Sensors

    • 3-axis accelerometer, detection range: +/- 5G

    • Dash temperature sensor

    • Sensor supply voltage

    • Battery voltage


    • 4 configurable CAN buses, with individually programmable CAN bus speeds.

    One can be used as RS232 Receive.

    only two of the CAN buses support VIM/SVIM Expanders.

    • 2 x RS232 ports

    Power supply

    • Operating voltage: 6 to 32 V DC

    • Operating current: 0.4 A typical at 14 V (excluding sensor currents)

    • Reverse battery protection

    • Battery transient protection

    Sensor supply currents

    • 5 V sensor supply: 0.25 A maximum

    • 8 V sensor supply: 0.25 A maximum

    Operating temperature

    • Internal: -20 °C to 80 °C

    • Typical ambient temperature range in free air: -20 °C to 65 °C


    • Size: 134.5 x 103.9 x 20.2 mm excluding connector

    • Weight 350 g

    • 1 x 79 pin Autosport connector

    • 1 x mini USB3 port (type B)


    • MoTeC ECUs: All (some earlier models may require an additional adapter in conjunction with the RS232 adapter)

    • MoTeC Displays/Loggers: All

    • MoTeC Accessories: VIM, SVIM, E816, E888, SLM, PLM, LTC, BR2, PDM, GPS, VCS etc.

    • Many non-MoTeC devices

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