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Enclosed Data Logger (EDL3)

  • Basic Specifications


    • 16 MB standard logging memory (250 MB optional)

    • Logging rates up to 1000 samples per second

    • Fast Ethernet download


    • 10 x Analogue voltage inputs (24 optional)

    • 4 x Analogue temperature inputs (8 optional)

    • 4 x Digital inputs

    • 4 x Speed inputs with voltage measuring capability

    • 4 x Switched inputs

    • Compatible with VIM input expanders


    • 4 x PWM, digital or switched outputs (8 optional)—for devices such as shift lights, warning lights, a gearbox oil pump or a thermo fan


    • 2 x CAN with individually programmable CAN bus speeds

    • 1 x RS232


    • Dimensions 194.5 x 98.0 x 14.3 mm excluding connector

    • Weight 385 gram

    • 1 x 79 pin Autosport connector

    The Enclosed Dash Logger (EDL3) is a fully programmable data logger and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. Based on the ADL3, it is supplied in an enclosed unit providing the flexibility to connect a display suitable for your application or to use as a 'black box' type data logger. As standard the EDL3 comes with 16 MB of data logging and 30 inputs/outputs. It provides all the advanced features of MoTeC's ADL3 Dash Logger, including warning alarms, fuel prediction, engine logs, timers, tables, user conditions, telemetry and more. Four auxiliary outputs are available to control external devices such as shift lights, warning lights, a gearbox oil pump and a thermo fan. Additional outputs are available as an upgrade or can be created using expander modules. A range of upgrades is available to extend the functionality of this unit. For example, additional logging capacity and telemetry for real time viewing of data while the vehicle is on the track. This makes it possible to grow this flexible system as your requirements increase. MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software provides all the tools for comprehensive analysis of logged data.

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