WinDarab 7 Expert License

This license allows the user to update their current version of WinDarab to the latest version, and continue to receive updates to that version for the next calendar year.

Expert Users enjoy unlimited numbers of pages with unlimited display modules per page, and unlimited number of data sets open for analysis. Math functions are also greatly improved over the "light" math channels. See chart below.

New versions are in indicated by a change in the first decimal place. WinDarab users of version 7.6 or earlier would need to purchase this license to run version 7.6. This license allows the software to be used on 3 PCs. 


Option Free Expert
Max Open files 4 Unlimited
Max. measuring data windows 2 Unlimited
Max. areas in measuring data windows 4 Unlimited
Histogram Y Y
x/y-plot Yes Yes
Distribution Yes Yes
min/max-tables Yes yes
Fourier-transformation Yes Yes
Outing report Yes Yes
Lap analysis No Yes
Flowcharts No Yes
Instrument panel   Yes Yes
User defined physical units   Yes Yes
Racetrack generation via speed/lateral G or GPS   Yes Yes
 ASCII export   Yes Yes
Available operators for math channels. All + , -, *, /, ^, sqr (x), sqrt (x) All
Extras settings/comments No Yes
Desktop load/save Yes Yes
Telemetry Yes Yes
Programming interface (API) No Option