Tire Watch Software

Tire Watch software can be downloaded here.

There are 2 version of the software, version 3 and version 4, please check the version number on the white label on your module to confirm which one is required.

Within each version of software there is a RS232 driver and the tire watch software, install the RS232 Driver before connecting to the module for the first time.

VERY IMPORTANT: Disconnect the car connection to the RCU module before connecting the PC! Damage to the module may occur if both connections are made at the same time.

The software is a Java Run Time file that requires Version 8u221 to run properly. If there is a different version already installed on the PC, please remove it and reboot before installing version 8u221.

The correct Java version  can be downloaded from the Oracle website here:
Java Run Time Environment Windows x64 version

Tire Watch Version 4 Software

Tire Watch Version 3 Software