Tire Location Modules (TLM)

The Tire Location Module TPMS provides teams a full TPMS auto-location system. As opposed to the standard Locator system, which goes off axle identification, the TLM system has the ability to automatically learn the wheel unit sensors fitted to the car, and start monitoring them, without the user having to assign sensors to specific corners manually.

The TLM system consists of four Low Frequency (LF) TLM antenna units; one mounted in each corner. The TLM corner modules broadcast a request signal over a limited range, and any wheel unit sensor within that vicinity responds by transmitting a RF datagram back to RCU antenna mounted on the vehicle.

When the vehicle starts moving, the system conducts a check of the wheels it has learned by using the accelerometer inside the wheel sensors to filter out any nonmoving wheels, and learns only a complete set of moving sensors. When the wheels on the car are changed, the system will automatically learn the new sensors fitted to the car, and will start monitoring these; meaning no user interaction is required