80mm Chronotronic Tachometer, Black, 0-10K RPM

  • The ‘Chronotronic’ Tachometer has been specifically engineered to faithfully replicate the needle movement of period Chronometric tachometers at low engine speeds.

    When your car is pitted or going through scrutineering it will look and move as if it were the original instrument. Under race conditions, however, power the vehicle beyond the factory set RPM limit and the needle will display and move like a modern tachometer to give precise engine speed information for when you need it most.

    ‘Chronotronic’ Tachometers feature a Peak Value Tell Tale function, which displays the maximum engine speed (RPM) at the push of a button.

    LED Backlighting, which is brighter and more reliable than other lighting solutions, is standard.

    The Chronotronic is a direct replacement for Chronometric tachometers and fits directly into original cut-outs.

    The Chronotronic Tachometer is only available with 0-10,000 RPM dial face.

    Key Features

    • Accurate replica of original chronometric tachometer

    • Solid-state electronics for exceptional reliability

    • Stepper-motor needle movement re-creates ‘chronometric’ movement

    • Chrome style bezel

    • Maintenance-free white LED backlighting

    • 0-10000 RPM dial face

    • Peak RPM Tell Tale Memory

    • Configurable for all negative earth ignition systems and magneto ignition systems

    • Supplied with mounting bracket, switch kit and manual

    • 1-year Competition Warranty

    Easy-fit Shift Light Option

    Optimising gear shifts is one of the most effective means of reducing lap times and these easy to fit options complement the Tachometer in helping the driver achieve perfect shifts.

    Mounting Information

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