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Pro LCD Motorsport Display Logger, with Harness (IP65)

  • Key Features


    • 7.0"TFT LCD panel

    • Display Brightness: 1000 nit

    • Resolution: 800 x 480

    • Onboard photosensors for automatic brightness control.

    • 16 User configurable multi-color LED's

    • Display features perfectly rendered virtual analog needles, value display bands, digital value indicators for vehicle parameters and configurable full-color text warning messages.

    • 10 layers/screens/pages selected from user configurable templates (screens/instrument cluster designs/layouts), additional configurability supporting team selected graphics, parameter/instrument type and location, and size will be made available with future firmware and PC software releases.


    • Supply Voltage: 8-18VDC

    • Typical Power Consumption: 800 mA

    • Single 37 way AS connector.

    Mating Connector: Deutsch Autosport AS614-35SN


    • 12 Configurable user sensor inputs

    4 Configurable for Pulse, 0-5v, or resistive (0-526 Ω)

    8 Configurable for 0-5V

    • Internal 3-axis accelerometer +/-8g

    • Internal battery voltage

    • 1 Dedicated Laptrigger Switch Input

    • 4 Integrated Control Switches

    • 4 Configurable I/O

    Control Switches

    Pro Control Outputs - Drive external outputs for warning lights, relay control, etc.

    • GPS Input (RS-232) - Mapping, Lap timing, etc.


    • 2 Configurable CAN ports - Up to 1 Mb/s (customer electronics package integration)

    • Configurable RS232 port: GPS

    • 1 Ethernet port: (Configuration, Data Exchange, Firmware Upgrades)

    • 1 USB port: (Data exchange, configuration, Copy and upload, firmware upgrades)


    • Weight: 700g

    • Dimensions - 211mm Wide x 132mm High x 35mm Deep (excluding connector)

    • Carbon Composite Housing

    Data Logging

    • Max number of channels: 128

    • Max sample 1,000 Hz

    • Max total samples per second: 8,000

    • Internal Memory: 4GB solid state internal

    • Supplied with DataPro Analysis software

    • Data Security: Pin code prevents data review by unauthorized personnel


    • IP65 sealed

    • Operating temperature range: -7°C to +80°C

    • Humidity: 0-100% RH

    • Continuous vibration up to 20g, Shock up to 50g

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