Stack 88mm Speedometer

  • The programmable Speedometer (speedo gauge) from Stack, is another great example of their range of Professional Stepper Motor and Pro-Control gauges. A quick push of the button after some quick and simple wiring makes calibration easy.

    The Stack Programmable Speedometers are compatible with most OEM vehicle speed sensors, aftermarket speed pulse generators and Stack's ST668 wheel speed sensor. Once installed, after driving either 2 miles or kilometers (depending on how you want the gauge to calculate - you're good to go!

    The instrument includes back-lit Odometer and two resettable Tripmeter displays.


    Key Features

    • The gauge is completely user programmable.

    • LCD odometer with a re-settable trip displays.

    • The needle indicator is LED illuminated for maximum visibility.

    • 80mm visible dial dimension (requires 85mm cutout).

    • Available in either white or black dial faces.

    • Optional sensors available for some cable-drive applications.

    • 1-year Competition Warranty

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