52mm Pro-Control Wideband Air-Fuel Ratio (Lambda) Gauge

  • Stack Pro Control Stepper Motor range of analogue gauges are user configurable with Maximum/Minimum alarms which can be set with one of seven different colours to indicate status

    Stack’s Pro-Control range of Professional Stepper Motor Analogue Gauges brings total control and driver awareness of critical engine functions.

    The Pro-Control series has all of the features of the Professional Analogue Gauges plus:

    • Peak “tell-tale” Memory - Max temps, Min pressures

    • Configurable max and min full dial alarm warnings

    • Configurable Pro-Control output for activating accessories eg. fans, pumps, etc (requires relay)

    • Temperature gauges with built-in “fan controller”

    • Pressure gauges with built-in “pump controller”

    • 0-5 Volt analogue output for data logger or ECU (except EGT and Fuel Level gauges)

    • Configurable backlight colour

    • Black dialface when powered off

    Full-dial alarm warning

    User-configurable minimum and maximum alarms can be set, with one of seven different colours assigned to each.

    As soon as an alarm level is exceeded, the full dialface changes colour. If the level exceeds the alarm by more than 10%, the dialface flashes rapidly to further alert the driver.

    With a choice of 7 user-selectable LED backlighting colours ( red, green, yellow, blue, purple, turquoise and white) the user can choose the optimum colour for maximum visibility and readability of the gauge, day and night.

    Key Features

    • 52mm diameter

    • Fast, smooth stepper motor needle drive

    • 270° full sweep movement for excellent readability

    • Remotely mounted solid-state sensors keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment

    • Better than 2% accuracy

    • All-electronic design for maximum reliability

    • 7 Colour LED through-the-dial backlighting

    • 7 Colour LED illuminated needle

    Pro Control Feature

    The Pro-Control feature activates low and high outputs whenever the user-defined alarm levels are exceeded. Pro-control outputs can be used to switch a relay to activate cooling fans, pumps, lamps, alarms, ignition kill etc.

    Peak Recall

    Press and hold the PEAK button to recall on the dial the highest temperature or lowest pressure or voltage since the memory was last reset.

    Unrivalled Accuracy


    Precision stepper-motor needle movements and solid-state sensors ensure better than 2% accuracy.

    Sensors & Wiring Harness Included

    All Stack 52mm Professional gauges come complete with wiring harness and associated solid-state sensor (except for Fuel Level and Battery Voltage gauges).

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