52mm Boost Controller

'-1 TO +2 BAR (-30INHG TO +30 PSI)
  • The Boost Controller has been designed to visually match the Stack Wideband Lambda gauge. With a digital RPM display which is backed up with radial LED's, this gauge gives an instant readout in either PSI, Bar or kPa.

    The Boost Controller modifies the mechanical wastegate duty cycle to achieve higher boost pressures than some in-place controls would otherwise allow and is suitable for use with both single and twin turbo (bi-turbo) applications.

    Also featuring push-button programming, the Boost Controller has 4 programmable control strategies:

    • High boost

    • Low boost

    • RPM based mapping, and

    • Gear based mapping

    The controller has MAP, RPM and vehicle speed inputs along with intelligent gear capture, peak tell-tale memory and Pro-Control output.

    The Pro-Control input, which is interactive with the Wideband Lambda gauge design to allow a lean alarm to trigger boost cut. The controller also has 0-5V datalogger output while an optional barometric compensation mode call allow the controller to adjust for changing atmospheric conditions and changes in elevation during operation such as in hill climbing and rallying.

    The Boost Controller comes as a complete kit of gauge, wiring loom, MAP sensor and 3 port solenoid valve.

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