M GPS BL V3-20-K

RaceGrade BL GPS V3 20hz

These units are drop in replacements for any current product. The exterior dimensions and connector types and pin-outs are identical. They are marked clearly as V3 units. They do require a new antenna for Multi GNSS capabilities, but can use pre-existing RaceGrade GPS antennas if they are not subscribed to Multi GNSS.

The basics are that the performance without the paid-for Multi-GNSS option will nearly identical to the V2.1 device with a few software perks.

With Multi-GNSS enabled the unit uses GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou;

    • Tracks up to 12 US GPS satellites
    • Tracks up to 12  GLONASS satellites
    • Tracks up to 22  BieDou satellites
    • Tracks up to 3 SBAS correction satellites in parallel
      • Galileo and QZSS capable with firmware update

  • All variants deliver high-precision, differential positioning accuracy of 60 cm, 95% of the time
    • 67% of the time precision will be 30cm
    • Consumer off the shelf GPS is typically no less than 2.5M

  • COAST and SureTrack routines maintain sub-meter DGNSS positioning for 40 minutes after SBAS correction loss