Miniaturized Linear Potentiometer - 13mm Diameter

High performance and reliable linear potentiometers, Ideal for applications such as car suspensions, motorcycle forks and shock absorbers, brake pedals and many other applications.

The sensors are based based on “conductive plastic” technology which will means consistent readings for a very long time. The resolution is virtually infinite with these sensors as well.

Rated at over 25M cycles, these sensors will deliver superior data for a very long time.

NOTE: These sensors come with heim joints. If pop joints are required, they can be purchased separately HERE

 Mechanical Stroke
(mm +/- 0.5mm)
Minimum Mounting Distance (+/-2mm)

Resistance (Ohms)

25 113 1,700
50 123 3,400
75 163 5,000
100 194 6,700
125 219 8,400
150 244 10,000