IRN4C-F1 200°C IR Tire Temp Sensor

The IRN4C infrared tire temperature sensor reads four channels of data, with a maximum operating temperature of 200°C, and can function over a distance of up to 950mm. This allows for mounting on either the leading edge of the side pod or the wing mirrors. Output is via a fully user-configurable CAN 2.0 B system.

The IRN4C sensor series is extensively used in F1 by over 90% of the grid! With its perfect accuracy at 200°C (±1% FS) and great temperature compensation, the IRN4C is the perfect solution for measuring tire temperature across the whole surface of the tire, even in the most extreme conditions. The quality of design, dimensions, weight make it is easy to install. At long ranges such as 950 mm, the outer channels bleed into the sidewall of the tire, and captures critical data when steering angle is applied. Like most of the Texense infrared temperature sensors, it accepts an input voltage between 6 and 16V, which can be direct from the vehicle’s power supply, as can the ground.