INFTS V90 1000-1200°C IR Brake Temp Sensor

This new version of the Texys IR brake temperature sensor has been re-packaged with a 90° cable exit, this offers the user another installation option in confined spaces. Used in F1 for over a decade these are the industry standard in IR brake temperature measurement technology. Using sophisticated temperature compensation with built in electronics makes this the ideal solution for contact free IR brake disc temperature measurement.

  • Measuring 19 x 17 x 11 mm, with an operating temperature -20 to 150°C.
  • New for 2017 is the same spec sensor but with an operating temp up to 200°C (max).
  • The 1000°C version has a non-linear output signal.

We recommend to our customers that they clean the infrared sensor lenses with alcohol every day, this is particularly important for measurements carried out on carbon disk brakes.