DDU 11 Display


New from Bosch, the DDU 11 is a programmable full color dashboard display with a data logging system for motorsport applications. With a basic logging function of 100 channels (with a recording rate of 20 Hz - 50ms - 4GB) is included. The DDU11 can then be upgraded for full logging performance (1 kHz max - 1ms) as well as having a second logging partition (4GB) activated. Customers also have the option to add an external GPS sensor to keep track of position on the racetrack. 

When quick data transfer is required from the car, during pit stop per example, data logging to a USB stick an available option. Additionally, there is also a large collection of graphic elements available to end users for the custom design of display pages, and a state of the art user interface menu.

Additional input devices can be connected via Ethernet, CAN buses, and RS 232.

  • Features user interface menu
  • Features display element design generator
  • 8 top-LEDs and 5 side-LEDs on both sides
  • Supports GPS laptrigger, pre-dated lap time etc.
  • Page change based on events possible

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Price subject to change upon availability.