Fluid Pressure Sensor PSC-10

  • • Absolute fluid pressure measurement

    • Measurement range 0 to 10 bar

    • Analog output

    This sensor is designed to measure absolute pressure of various kinds of media e.g. Diesel, gasoline, water, engine oil, transmission oil or air. The sensor is available for two different supply voltage ranges.

    The sensor uses stainless steel measuring cells with piezo-resistive measuring bridges in thin layer technique, which are hermetically welded together with stainless steel pressure ports. This guarantees a complete media compatibility.

    The main benefit of this sensor is the high quality of a production part at a low price.

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  • Documents

    Title Type
    🗎 Datasheet PDF
    🗎 CAD Drawing DXF (max. 5.25 V) PDF
    🗎 CAD Drawing DXF (max. 30 V) PDF
    🗎 Configuration Note (max. 5.25 V) ZIP
    🗎 Configuration Note (max. 30 V) ZIP
    🗎 3D Data ZIP