ABS M4 Kit


The Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 Kit and other associated Bosch ABS M4 Kits have been discontinued. If you currently have a Bosch Motorsport ABS M4  Kit, we still can provide support, some parts, documentation, and end of line testing.

If you're looking to update your system to the  Bosch Motorsport ABS M5 Kit 1, please Contact Us, and we will gladly get you taken care of.

In 2018 Bosch released the M5 variant of the ABS system that features the following improvements:

- TTL wheel speed outputs for easier integration with any ECU system
- 50% bigger brake fluid accumulators in the brake block allowing the M5 to control bigger brake systems used in current race cars.
- Enhanced CAN communication with more channels including brake bias.
- Front and Rear brake pressure sensors eliminating the need for a brake light input.

• Suitable for front-wheel, rear-wheel, and four-wheel drive vehicles

• Generic wiring harness to fit all engine bay and front footwell locations for the hydraulic module

• All Bosch Motorsport ABS systems are for competition use only and are NOT legal on public roads.

ABS M4 is suitable for front-wheel, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. It is based on a series production ABS and adapted in years of development work to meet motorsport requirements. If, during braking, the measured wheel speed deviates from the system’s predicted wheel speed, the ABS controller takes over, correcting the brake force to keep the wheel at the optimum slip level and so achieving the highest possible deceleration rate.