Data Logger C 70

  • • Compact and lightweight data logger

    • Aluminum housing

    • Recording on USB flash drive (opt.)

    • Two motorsports connectors

    The data logger C 70 is a compact and lightweight data logging system for motorsport applications. This allows for synchronized acquisition of engine data from the ECU and chassis data from up to 26 analog and 4 digital input channels. Additional input devices can be connected via Ethernet and CAN buses. Recorded data from the 2 GB logger can be downloaded via high-speed Ethernet or via wireless connection with the BT 60 burst telemetry system. Software upgrades for the C 60 (field upgradable by entering a key) activate additional recording on USB flash drive, CCP-master, and additional input channels.

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  • Documents

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    🗎 Data Logger C 70 Datasheet PDF
    🗎 Operations Guide PDF
  • Software

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    🗎 Firmware Base 0408 ZIP