Annual Subscription for MYLAPS TR2 Transponder

1, 2 or 5 Year subscription update for MYLAPS TR2 Transponder. The annual subscription for Speedhive provides you with:

Live Timing shows

  • Position
  • Name
  • Total time
  • Best lap
  • Overall best lap
  • Flag color coding

The session data stays temporarily visible after the event. You are able to sort the data by qualifying mode and race mode.

Event results offers you

Extensive ranking, lap analysis for individual racers, and a personal results overview


  • Overall
  • Per class
  • Total time
  • Best lap
  • Share race results (finish position, total laps and best lap time) on all social platforms.

Lap analysis for individual racers

  • Position changes in the ranking
  • All lap times
  • Personal best lap
  • Difference compared to the best lap
  • Difference between you and the racer in front of you
  • Difference between you and the current leader
  • Compare your lap times with your opponents in one graph

My Results overview

  • Easily see your personal results overview
  • Adjust your sports and country preferences