Tire Watch Paddock Survey Unit

The Paddock Survey Unit (PSU) allows teams to monitor tire pressures in real time while the tires are in heating huts, tire blankets or storage racks. 

Using the sensor list files from the RCU, any PC connected to the team intranet can monitor tire pressure and remaining battery life of sensors in the immediate vicinity of the pits. By displaying the sensor data in an easy to read format on the screen - it can alert engineers in case of tire air leakages, and warning limits for minimum and maximum tire pressure as well as the remaining battery life for each individual wheel unit sensor. If a sensor falls outside the specified limits it is immediately highlighted on screen allowing teams to accurately monitor and ensure their tires are in the optimum conditions for the race. 

The system has the main benefit that all team members can get live data for tire health, without having to manually trigger each wheel sensor. 

NOTE: A Hand Scanner is also required in order to put each sensor into "pit mode". By putting the sensors in pit mode, they will transmit live data for a period of 12 hours. Sensors can be switched back to "garage mode" at any point to conserve battery life.

Supply voltage - 9 to 16Vdc
SMA male connector for external whip antenna (included)
Supply current -500mA@12V (connected to IGN)
RJ45 female connector
Dimensions - 80mm x 42mm x 20mm
RED / FCC Certification
RF Frequency - 433.92MHz