Bosch ABS Installation Kit

We developed this simple kit to make the installation of all Bosch ABS kits safe, easy and reliable. The Creative Motorsport Solutions Bosch ABS Mounting kit features a custom made aluminum mounting plate, which each mounting point for the 40A Pump, 25A Valves and 10A electrical components as well as the diagnostic connector (not included) is engraved for quick installation. Utilizing aircraft rated circuit breakers which are thermally compensated and vibration resistant for reliability this kit is a must have for any Bosch ABS system.

The kit includes:
1 x Mounting plate
1 X 40A Circuit Breaker
1 x 25A Circuit Breaker
1 X 10A Circuit Breaker
1 X Diagnostic Plug Mounting Hardware

Please note, that all Bosch ABS kits will already contain the Deustch Autosport AS012 diagnostic plug that mates to the Bosch MSA-2 diagnostic cable