Custom Wiring Harness Design and Production Services

Creative Motorsport Solutions specializes in wiring harness production. We have made thousands of looms that have been used in racing cars all over the world. Cars/Teams using our looms have won at Lemans, Daytona and Sebring where there is zero tolerance for failure. We build all our wiring systems with the expectation that they will be competing at the top level of motorsport.

Using our CAD software from Tyco, we design the harness to the customer’s specification. Using CAD allows us to accurately design the system and ensure the loom with fit and work perfectly. If required we can produce 3d images of the harness to ensure perfect fit and placement in the customer’s CAD model of their application.

Generally, we build our harnesses using Tyco’s “Spec 25” system which use Tyco Teflon aircraft wire with a tinned copper conductor (Spec 55), the outer jacketing is a modified elastomer  (DR25) and all parts are bonded using epoxy adhesive (RT-125). System 25 is used globally in military,  aerospace, communication and test equipment. This system is renown for being rugged, flexible, abrasion resistant while providing high temperature and fluid resistance. We also stock a range of fuel resistant (ethanol safe) and high temperature jacket options depending on the application. 

Connectors from Deutsch Autosport are our primary “go to” connectors, but we also stock a range of plastic connectors and other Mil-Spec options.

Our build tooling is made buy Daniels DMC who are the world leaders in connector tooling. We complete regular testing of all of our crimp tooling to ensure every crimp is perfect, every time.

For larger, higher volume jobs we have cut and strip machinery from Schlueniger that allows us to do batch runs of raw materials with high speed and high accuracy.

The final step is to test the harness using our Hi-Voltage testing equipment from CAMI Research. This equipment allows us to test every pin and every wire in every connector for accurate pin to pin information for the entire wiring system, and once correct continuity is confirmed the system then applied 500v to each line to ensure that the insulation is perfect. There is no better way to ensure that the harness build is going to perform for a long time.

Custom Racing Harness Design