Attention IMSA Series Drivers!

January 10, 2022 1 min read

Attention IMSA Series Drivers!

As of the 2022 Professional Motorsport Racing season, we are the sole supplier for some of the IMSA required parts as well as performing the annual test and certification of the IMSA GTD/GTD Pro C60 Bosch Scrutineering Harness. For your convenience, here is a list of required parts/services depending on your series.

1. IMSA Support Series Safety Light System
2. IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge (IMPC) Series Safety Light System
3. IMSA Weather Tech Series Safety Light System
4. IMSA 75' Fuel Level Sensor Loom
5. IMSA Fuel Level to Fuel Flow Adapter Loom
6. IMSA Rear Green LED Amateur Light
7. IMSA Loom Certification

Additionally, we now have other IMSA parts and scrutineering available for purchase on our website and can either be shipped to your facility or be delivered trackside! Some of these include:

1. IMSA Lambda Sensor LSU 4.9
2a. IMSA IMU Sensor MM5.10
2b. MM5.10 IMU Damping/Mounting Plate
3. IMSA GT Spec Scrutineering Kit
4. IMSA Scrutineering Pressure Sensor 1BAR or 3.5BAR
5. IMSA Scrutineering Bosch LT2-Sport
6. IMSA Scrutineering GPS for GT Cars

Click HERE to visit the page with all of our IMSA rated products, and make sure to check back frequently as we are consistently adding to our inventory.