Wiper Direct Actuator WDD2 CAN Input


The new WDD2 Wiper Motor is now end user programmable. 

• CAN, Analog and LIN control available

• Optimized hardware for motorsport applications

• Customer specific calibration of wiping angles and speed

The WDD2 is a wiper motor designed to execute reversing movements instead of rotating 360° like a conventional wiper.

Its function and many operating modes are managed by integrated control electronics. The user is able to control the desired operating mode simply by modifying CAN or LIN messages or by Direct switch mode with analog inputs after flashing the device through LIN. The gear, the motor and the electronics are all installed in the same housing.

The main benefit of this wiper motor is its direct rotation movement which replaces external gears and the possibility of programming the operating speed and end positions of all its function modes

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