Wastegate Control Unit (WGC)

The Shiftec WGC is an advanced self contained pneumatic controller for turbocharger wastegates. The integral high speed processor allows precise and accurate control of wastegate pressure with all necessary control calculations being performed in the unit. It is not necessary to measure wastegate position. The WGC simply requires a target pressure demand from the ECU, which can be either received over CAN or as a hard wired PWM input. Once installed, the unit has a self-calibration mode to ensure optimum control. It is compatible with most professional wastegates. It is recommended to liaise with Shiftec to ensure an optimum set up and maximize performance.

There is a full CAN user interface with easy to use calibration tables. Sophisticated algorithms will detect failures or problems and instigate fail safe strategies. A low side drive output allows the WGC to directly control an air compressor when  running in a stand alone set up. The protectively anodized body is CNC machined from aluminum billet and has four threaded mounting holes.

The units have found their way into world rallycross and GT3 racing amongst other series.