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Raychem DR-25 1" Heat Shrink Tubing

Raychem DR-25 is the industry standard when it comes to lightweight heat shrink tubing. DR-25 is the satisfactory choice for jacketing of cables and wiring looms featuring a 2:1 shrink ratio, is flexible, flame retardant and offers excellent abrasion resistance.

Engineered for optimum high temperature fluid resistance and long term exposure to elevated temperatures, DR-25 is resistant to most fuels (automotive, aviation and marine), brake fluid, diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and water.


  • Tubing Size: 1"
  • Operating Temperature: 75° to 150°C (-103° to 302°F)
  • Installation Temperature: 175°C (347°F)
  • Expanded Inside Diameter (Min): 1 inch (25.4mm)
  • Recovered Inside Diameter (Max): .5 inch (12.8mm)

Although it is ideally suited for the demands of motorsport cable harnesses, due to the field proven reliability, performance and rugged quality of the DR-25 Heat Shrink Tubing, it can be used in a wide range of applications such as in trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining, emergency vehicles, forestry, recreational, marine and motorcycles. As of recent, this heat shrink has become increasingly popular for the use in autonomous vehicle applications where AI is used for companies such as delivery services as well marine use.

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