Pneumatic Valve Block

The ZD 200 series are tightly packaged pneumatic valve blocks featuring a built in pressure sensor and air filter. They are designed to be driven and controlled by an external GCU or an ECU with transmission control ability.

For applications with electronic throttle control the two way ZD202-2 is generally used and for applications with a mechanical throttle and pneumatic throttle blipper the three way ZD203-3 is generally used. Both blocks offer rapid response and actuation and have had their durability proven with a range of customers including endurance racers and off road competitors.

Weighing in at only 481g for the ZD202-2, the bespoke housing is CNC machined from billet aluminium and anodised for extra durability and protection. Connectivity is through a proven Autosport series connector. Inlet and outlet fittings are JIC standard.

This valve block is ideal for gearboxes which have inbuilt paddle shift actuators such as Hewlands TMT gearbox as well as for use with the Shiftec Actuator 34.