Motorsport Tire IR Temperature Sensor Kit - 200°C Analog Output

Designed and built by AvioRace, the IP64 rated miniaturized infrared temperature sensor was specifically designed for contact free tire temperature measurement. With a fully sealed, red anodized aluminum body, the sensor contains highly accurate elements built in to actively compensate the output signals, which are proportional to detected temperature.

These are a high performance, cost effective solution to monitor tire temperatures for all motorsport and racing applications. 

Each kit includes 3 sensors per corner, for a total of 12 sensors.

o Supply voltage: 5-16 Vdc
o Output voltage: 0-5 Vdc
o Current consumption: 10mA MAX
o Measurement distance: 50-150mm
o Protection: IP64
o Weight: ≈20g

Click HERE to view the data sheet for technical specs and information.