M D153

D153 3.5" Color Display

New from MoTeC (replacing the MDD) - The D153 is the new mini color LCD display, is the first of the D1 Series of displays to be released. Featuring an exceptionally bright, anti-reflective, TFT LCD screen, the D153 is viewable in even the brightest conditions on the race track.

Designed to be controlled and configured by a MoTeC data logger, and it's compact 3.54" design, the D153 is the perfect solution for a steering wheel mounted screen. With multiple inputs being provided for buttons and dials, the D153 is able to activate functions in other CAN based devices such as traction control, pit lane speed limiting and others - all with minimal wiring.

MoTeC's initial release provides fixed layouts and selectable channels, allowing users to choose the parameters they wish to monitor in various modes MoTeC's Display Creator.

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• 90mm (3.54") color LCD display

• High brightness for optimum readability in sunlight

• Receives display messages from MoTeC data loggers

• Sends input data to other devices via CAN

• Provision for up to 14 steering wheel-mounted buttons and dials


The D153 Mini Color Display is designed to work with MoTeC Data Loggers:

• ACL Advanced Central Logger
• EDL3 Enclosed Advanced Dash Logger
• ESDL3 Enclosed Sport Dash Logger
• ADL3 Advanced Dash Logger
• SDL3 Sport Dash Logger
• CDL3 Club Dash Logger
• Along with all other previous (and current) MoTeC Dash Logger models