INF-V4 Infrared Brake Disc Temp Sensor

The Texense INF V4 infrared disc brake temperature sensor, the same packaging as our highly successful INFTS V90 infrared disc brake temperature sensor with an increase in maximum operating temperature. Built with new state of the art electronics, a high accuracy PT1000 output and the option of a linearized and temperature compensated output when used with the LTC-IR module, makes this the ideal solution for carbon disc brake temperature measurement. Used in F1 for over a decade the Texense INF range of infrared brake temperature sensors are the industry standard in IR brake temperature measurement technology.

  • Maximum operating temperature of 180°C, with the ability to survive exposures of up to 200°C (5V version only), saving on sensor replacement in race and test environments when ambient temperatures increase for short periods.
  • Packaged with a 90° cable exit, gives users multiple installation options in confined spaces. Available in the following ranges: 500°C, 1000°C, 1200°C and 1300°C.
  • High accuracy PT1000 RTD output.

The INF-V4 infrared disc brake temperature sensor used in conjunction with our LTC-IR module gives users a linearized and temperature compensated output signal. When performing low temperature calculations, target temperatures can be lower than sensor body temperatures. The Texense LTC-IR Linearization and temperature compensation device can perform a 4th order calculation which reduces the users ECU resources. We recommend to our customers that they clean the infrared sensor lenses with alcohol every day, this is particularly important for measurements carried out on carbon disc brakes. For more technical information please download the specification sheet.