Gear Shift Servo

Designed for professional motorsport, the Gear Shift Servo (GSS) is a gear shift actuator that was developed for racing customers looking to reduce shift times while simultaneously reducing air consumption whilst reducing packaging space.

Shiftec then reduced the packaging size by custom designing the shift valves into the actuator, essentially combining a shift actuator with a valve block. Because of this design there is virtually zero air path length/volume between the valves exit port and the actuators piston; which creates a significant improvement in system response time and marked reduction in air consumption. The sleek, specially designed body and valve block are CNC machined from a high grade aluminum billet which is protectively anodized, creates a neater package all round with only a single air line needed from the accumulator and a single wiring connector.

Low friction seal technology allows for the durable chrome rod smooth movement and a quick, accurate return to rest position. To further increase the reliability, protective air filters were also added.

The gear shift servo will fit most applications due to the adjustable rod ends on both the body and piston rod.

The gear shift servo has been a proven winner in both GT and single seater race series around the world, including victories in the Le Mans 24hr, and has also been successfully used in WRC and off road race cars.

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