Gear Shift Paddles - Pair

Unchanged since it’s innovated introduction in 2006, the Shiftec Single Paddle system is a positive action shift paddle, used for up/down gear control. Both the robust paddle frame and lever are CNC machined from high-quality billet aluminum and are anodized black for additional protection under the harshest conditions. The carbon fiber shift paddles are precision cut using a water jet, and they provide a solid grip and feel even when wearing gloves. The precise action means accurate driver feel and feedback, while at the same time eliminating the possibility of paddle bounce or any phantom shift requests.

A 125mm Large Carbon Pad option is also available for applications which require greater pad surface.

From Le Mans winners to offshore powerboats, the paddles have been proven in all conditions and are a standard fixture on many GT3 race cars. They are a great alternative to the Megaline Shift Pads too!