Deutsch DTM06-8S-E007 Plug

The Deutsch DTM06-8S-E007 Plug comes with the connector, wedgelock and sockets. The DTM series are an industry standard size 20 contact connectors, which are rated for 7.5 amps continuous and will accommodate wire sizes from 16-22 AWG and has a silicon rubber seal.

Deutsch DTM06-8S-E007 PlugIncludes:
1x - Male Connector
1x - Wedgelock (Plug)
8x - MIL-SPEC Gold Plated Female Sockets

The DTM06-8S-E007 Plug will mate with the DTM04-8P receptacle.

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Aside from being heavily used in the motorsport industry, DT and DTM connectors can be used in a wide range of applications such as in trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining, emergency vehicles, forestry, recreational, marine and motorcycles. As of recent, these connectors have been increasingly popular for the use in autonomous vehicle applications where AI is used for companies such as delivery services as well marine use.

Due to the field proven reliability, performance and rugged quality these connectors provide, whether they are utilized on the engine or transmission, under the hood, on motor controllers, solenoid interfaces, on the chassis, or in the cab.