Deutsch Autosport ASL Socket Connector - AS MicroLite HE

Deutsch Autosport ASL MicroLITE Pin Style Connectors

Deutsch Autosport ASL connectors are available in only one shell size, and one contact arrangement (5-Way). All keyway options are available. Please select the appropriate pin style connector.


  • Connector Type
  • Contact Arrangement
  • Keyway (Please note, only the same color keyways will connect to each other)

Please Note: Certain keyways are often special order, if you would like to check availability please contact us

Deutsch is continually assessing the requirements of the ever demanding world of motorsport, where weight and size are ever critical. Although the current Micro HE set a new industry standard some four years ago, due to innovative design with leading-edge materials, Deutsch has introduced the AS Microlite HE, which sets a new standard for both space envelope and weight for an all aluminum connector. The new As Microlite HE is in excess of 30% lighter than the original AS Micro HE and approximately 8mm shorter, whilst still retaining all the critical features of the As Micro HE including the renowned Deutsch #23 contacts, and remaining fully intermateable with the original Micro HE.