DDU 8 Display


The Bosch DDU 8 is a completely programmable full color 5" dashboard display (and 10 multi color gearshift lights on top) combined with the capabilities of the a C60 data logging system allowing for both engine data acquisition and visualization synchronized from the ECU and chassis data channels. Additionally, input devices can be connected via Ethernet for other Bosch devices and 2 x CAN buses for connections to any other devices on the car.

These DDU8 displays come with Stage 1 and 2 Upgrade providing:

Stage 1
-2GB of Logging of up 1080 channels at a maximum logging rate of 1000Hz (maximum data logging capability is 600 Kb/s)
-RS232 interface enabled for Telemetry
Stage 2
Yellow input connector unlocked enabling:
-Adds 20 analog inputs (for a total of 24)
-Adds 4 speed sensor inputs (hall effect or inductive)
-Adds 3 additional 5v/350mA power supplies
-Adds 1 additional 10v/350mA power supply
-Adds 1 additional 10v/1 A non-regulated power supply
-GPS RS232 Data capability (lap times and line comparison)

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Bosch Part Number: F02U V00 873-05

Bosch DDU 8 Data Sheet
Bosch DDU 8 User Manual