Clutch Control Unit

The Shiftec CCU was introduced for the successful Formula 2 race series in 2009 to allow the use of a two pedal race car where clutch control is effected from paddles on the steering wheel. Since then it has been used in many top single seater race series including IRL, World Series by Renault and Super Formula in Japan. The units have also found their way into rallycross and GT3 racing amongst other series.

The CCU enables full closed loop fly by wire clutch follow control from one or two steering wheel mounted paddles. It is compatible with standard master and slave cylinder installations. No slave cylinder position sensor installation is required. There is a full user defined CAN interface and sophisticated failure detection and system diagnostics aid ease of use. The protectively anodized body is CNC machined from aluminum billet and has tappings for anti vibration mounts. The body design allows several different mounting alignments with the master cylinder being clocked around. Initial set up at Shiftec with the customers clutch assembly allows perfect matching of master cylinders to provide the correct force and travel from the CCU. Bite point can be optimized with a clutch position to paddle demand calibration table allowing full control over the paddle map. Advanced features such as anti stall options are possible when combined with suitable engine control.

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Product Highlights:

  • - Enables conversion to 2 pedal car set up
  • - Full clutch control from steering wheel paddles
  • - Low current consumption
  • - Low air consumption
  • - High accuracy of control
  • - Fast response
  • - Lightweight
  • - Emergency neutral facility
  • - Anti stall strategy options
  • - Easy bleeding
  • - Simple vehicle installation
  • - Dash 4 JIC air feed fitting
  • - Proven durability in 24hr races