Cable Pull Blipper

It is nearly always necessary to blip the engine on down changes to ensure a smooth and efficient change. For engines with traditional cable throttles a pneumatically operated mechanical blipper is required.

The Shiftec cable blipper is designed to provide a powerful and reliable actuation of the throttle cable. It is designed so the cable passes through the blipper which then acts on the outer sleeve. This allows flexibility when mounting the blipper as it does not need to be engine mounted. CNC machined from aluminum billet and protectively anodized, the blipper has two mounting holes for secure installation.

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Product Highlights:

  • Direct action on throttle cable
  • Can be mounted away from engine
  • Compact design
  • Powerful action
  • 10 or 15mm stroke depending on type
  • JIC standard air fitting
  • Two M6 clearance mounting holes
  • Proven durability