5 Foot Retractile Cable

The CMS retractile cable (also known as the motorsport curly cord) is the benchmark item for steering wheel and other applications where the quality and durability of the cable is an absolute must. These cable are hand laid, then double jacketed and feature Raychem DR25 as the outer sheath. The cables are oven cured using our own custom mandrels and then modified further for an even tighter and more retractile force. All cables are 5 feet when extended to their maximum.

The breakdown for each variant is as follows:
Number of Conductors - Gauge of Wire
1. 4x - 22ga 
2. 6x - 22ga 
3. 12x - 24ga 
4. 13x - 24ga 

Don’t see the option you’re looking for? Send us a note and we can quote almost any size/combination.