Pre-Configured Race Display

  • Stack’s iconic pre-configured dash displays have been trusted by racers for decades to monitor the most critical racing engine parameters, replacing the typical stand-alone gauges (Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Fuel Pressure, and Voltmeter) with a waterproof, compact, lightweight, and rugged carbon composite display module. This tidy instrumentation solution clearly communicates essential vehicle performance data with minimum distraction, allowing the driver to focus at the task at hand.

    Each system is supplied complete with sensors, ready wired harness, and comprehensive user manual. The fully sealed housing and MIL-Spec connectors ensure the highest level of reliability.

    The ST8100 is a preconfigured Dash Display system, designed specifically to meet the needs of the majority of club racers. However, if you require more configurability and a greater number of channels then our ST8916 MFD - Multi-Function Displays offer full configurability and a significantly more powerful feature set in the same form factor.

    Optional Features

    Predictive Lap Timer - Provides the driver with a constantly updated, highly accurate prediction of the next lap time!

    Infrared Lap Timing System - Simply plug in the Infrared Lap Timing System and turn the Stack display into an integrated lap timing system! - yet another instrument that this single module display can replace. The driver can choose to have the lap time pop up only when the car passes the start-finish line - or can set the display to continuously show last lap time, best lap time and number of laps completed.

    Lap Time Memory - A feature with typical Stack intelligent capability. Unlike conventional lap time memories, which only record lap times, the Stack version records lap times by run and for every lap - shows off the fastest lap! These unique features greatly enhance the benefit of the lap time memory.

    Corner and Straight Speed Readout - Provides the driver with real-time feedback. This option automatically measures and displays the last minimum corner speed and the last maximum straight speed. A manual speed hold is also provided.



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