F1 Beru Direct Replacement TPMS Sensor

  • LDL TPMS Sensors can be configured to use with Beru F1 TPMS Systems.

    They can be ordered as direct replacement for the following F1 Beru Sensors:

    F1-100-1521-011 (25 mbar per bit version 1 Hz update rate)
    F1-100-1521-010  (14.7 mbar/bit version 1 Hz update rate)
    F1-100-1521-012 (14.7 mbar/bit club version 0.33 Hz update rate)

    The advantages of the LDL sensor over the OE Beru sensor are:

    1. The LDL sensor is 17gr lighter than the OE sensor

    2. Lighter sensor weight means aluminum valve stems can be used (as opposed to the steel valve stems used by Beru) for a further weight savings of 11grm for a total of 38gr less rotating mass*

    3. The LDL sensor has the same 1 Hz update rate of the "Pro" sensors from F1 Beru.

    *The OE assembly of sensor and stem is 71gr. The LDL package is 33 gr! 
    At 150 mph on a standard 18" rim the LDL assembly has 168 lbs LESS centripetal force (145 vs. 313 lbs!)

    Contact us with the sensor numbers you need replaced and we can make you exact copies so there's no need to update your permit list. 

    Note: These sensors are for racing applications only and are not for road car systems.