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  • Specifically designed to offer an alternative to PC-based Data Logging systems, the Action Replay Dash Display provides the ideal introduction to multi-channel data recording for oval, sprint, hillclimb and drag racing.

    Combining the benefits of the action replay feature from the award winning professional recording tachometers with the multi-channel functionality of the ST8100 dash display, the Action Replay Dash provides "on display" recording and playback of a wide variety of vehicle parameters. These include engine speed data (RPM),oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, fuel pressure and battery voltage.

    The system also benefits from an Intelligent Alarm System, which continuously monitors engine condition and instantly informs the driver of any problem through both a warning on the display and alarm lights on the dash.

    Following a session on the track the driver can replay the logged data in Real-time on the display. Temperatures, pressures, warnings and alarm lights will pop up on the dash as they did during the run, providing an easy-to-use and comprehensive data logging solution. To assist with analysis of the data, the replay can be paused to allow a detailed examination, and it even has the ability to “nudge” backwards and forwards at user defined time intervals through the data to find a particular point of interest.

    Built-In Data Logging

    Data logging is an invaluable tool in motorsport, providing a greater understanding about the driver's and vehicle's performance. With multiple channels of data, the Action Replay Dash can provide the driver or an engineer with instant feedback and information for more informed decision making to aid with vehicle set-up and driver coaching.

    All systems are supplied complete with high accuracy sensors, harness and manual. Optional sensors include a "plug-in" wheel speed sensor and infrared lap timing system. The fully sealed housing and MIL-Spec connectors ensure the highest level of reliability.

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