InfraRed (IR) TPMS Wheel Unit Sensor

From LDL Technologies - Tire Watch (or Tyre Watch) presents their newest product for motorsport tire pressure monitoring systems - InfraRed (IR) Wheel Unit Sensors for motorsport TPMS.  Made out of high performance material to endure the centrifugal stress on the track. Its simple yet robust design concept allows you to adapt the sensor on all rims for motorsport racing. 

These sensors require TLM Corner Modules in order to transmit tire data.

The infrared element on the wheel unit sensor has a total field of view, which is sub-divided into 16 pixels (each with a 6.88° FOV) totaling 110° covering the maximum area of the inner tire carcass. 

Once the wheel sensor detects that it is spinning at a speed greater than 30kph and pressure is higher than 25 kPa, it enters its driving mode and starts transmitting datagrams
at 1Hz. The sensor will remain in this mode until 7 minutes after it the wheel stops rotating.

Sensor can be used with garage monitoring system (also referred to as the Paddock Survey Unit), that continuously broadcasts tire pressures and temperatures inside the warmers/storage racks. When Garage mode is enabled, the sensor will send TPMS information (air temperature and pressure) with 0.1 Hz rate. Note: The TireWatch Hand Scanner is required to use this system.