Thermocouple Probe TCP KN 2

  • • Thermocouple Type K

    • Thermo material: NiCr-Ni

    • Measurement range: 0 to 1,250°C

    • Analog output (0 to 5 V) or CAN

    This sensor is designed to measure exhaust gas temperatures up to 1,250°C.

    Thermocouples are temperature sensors that supply a temperature corresponding voltage without any additional external energy source. The thermocouple has a metal mantle that includes two isolated wires made of thermo material NiCr-Ni Type K.

    The voltage is amplified by an electronic circuit powered by 12 V. Please note that the operating temperature of the external electronics is from 0 to 125°C.

    The sensing element is protected by a double-walled housing made of Nimonic 75 to enable its placement before turbochargers.

    The benefits of this sensor are the combination of high-quality production part, robust design and its integrated amplifier

  • Documents

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    🗎 Datasheet PDF
    🗎 CAD Drawing DXF (Analog Version) PDF
    🗎 CAD Drawing DXF (CAN Version) PDF
    🗎 Special (Calibration Sheet) PDF
    🗎 Special (DBC File) ZIP