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Drive by Wire Expander (DBW4)

  • Specifications


    • 8 x analogue voltage inputs, used for the motor position sensors


    • 4 pairs of servo motor drive outputs (full bridge)


    • 1 x CAN, for configuration and connection to the ECU

    Compatible with

    • M400, M600, M800 and M880 (software version V3.30T and later)


    • Case size 99 x 105 x 40 mm

    • Weight 320 gram

    • 1 x 66 pin Autosport connector

    The Drive by Wire Expander (DBW4) provides four configurable motor drives that can be used to control drive by wire throttles.

    The connected ECU sends the required motor positions to the DBW4 via CAN. The DBW4 controls the motor position using a PID algorithm, which can be tuned using the DBW4 Manager software.

    The drive by wire throttle position is monitored with two separate sensors to ensure that a false position reading does not cause inadvertent opening of the throttle. If the reported positions from these two sensors does not agree, the throttle is shut down.


    The device is configured using the DBW4 Manager software. To connect the device to a PC running the software, a communication cable is required. For the DBW4 a CAN cable must be used.

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